• Tarot is a symbolic representation of one's physical and spiritual journey through life. The cards within Tarot are meant to show known truths within yourself that may or may not be present in your current thoughts. One of the most interesting aspects about Tarot is that everyone can interpret their symbolism and importance differently. We hope that you can find meaning within our unique collection of Tarot–inspired designs!

The Sun represents all the positive aspects in our life coming together to represent love and change. It also reminds us that night is always darkest before the dawn- and to always strive towards the light.

The Moon is a symbol of mystery and intuition– sometimes suggesting a deep truth is soon to be revealed.

Guiding us with renewed hope and faith, the Stars represent strong personal growth. They show a fresh perspective in life as we receive blessings of the Universe.

  • Designed with Intention

    Celestial is designed with intention, love, and passion locally in Pennsylvania.

  • Crafted with Care

    Each piece is hand-crafted to ensure the highest quality standards.

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    Our products ship within one business day from Pennsylvania.